About the platform and WildFood project

The aim of the WILDFOOD e-platform is to enable exchange information, offer data, and connect among stakeholders of the wild food sectors in the Mediterranean area. Selected wild food products include truffles, pine nuts, acorns and aromatic plants. However, other wild food products may be included.

The e-platform is created under the framework of the WildFood project (funded by PRIMA and national funding agencies).


Mediterranean wild food products, such as truffles, pine nuts, acorns and aromatic plants, have unique and exclusive properties which are strongly connected to the local economies, rural livelihoods, biodiversity conservation, traditional knowledge, territorial identity, gastronomy and other cultural values. A significant share of local population at both sides of the Mediterranean harvest and consume WFP, but their full commercial potential is yet to be unlocked

In this regard, the overall aim of the WildFood project is to promote the implementation of innovative strategies to enhance the Mediterranean WFP value-chains with the involvement of different actors, subsequently improving the conditions and competitiveness of smallholders, SMEs and local communities linked to these products.

Connecting various stakeholders into interregional innovation networks and platforms is one of key elements of the WildFood project as they will enable exchange of Wild Food Products information, knowledge related to production, processing, marketing and merchandise activities within the practitioner/scientist community.